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And what better place than Knysna to have a showroom displaying beautiful vintage, veteran, classic and sports cars! Nestled in the heart of the famous Garden Route, Knysna is kms. It is a highly sought-after tourist and residential destination with ample natural beauty to complement the fine array of vehicles on offer.

Conveniently situated at 70, Main Road — right on the N2 — our brand new magnificent building beckons you to call in, browse, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and meet with our sales or service staff to discuss your requirements. Want a project car to complete yourself? We have a number of vehicles in this category one of which may be ideal for you!

The Yugoslav Wars were a series of separate, but related ethnic conflicts, wars of independence and insurgencies fought from in the former Yugoslavia which led to the breakup of the Yugoslav constituent republics declared independence despite unresolved tensions between ethnic minorities in the new countries (chiefly Serbs, Croats and Muslims), which fueled the wars.

Read latest edition Follow us: Wildlife-spotting, deserted sandy beaches, sheltered lagoons, bush land and mountain passes: And with outdoor sports and delicious local food, there’s plenty of entertainment along the way. If you’re expecting a horticultural holiday with a string of designer gardens to inspect, seed catalogues in hand, you’re going to feel short-changed.

This region of South Africa is so-called because the densely vegetated stretch of stunning Western Cape coastline, rich in diverse natural beauty, contrasts so sharply to the country’s arid interior. It comprises km of indigenous temperate forest, pine plantations and thick fragrant bush known as “fynbos”, beneath the Tsitsikamma and Outeniqua mountains, running alongside rocky coves and glorious sandy beaches.

A few lakes, lagoons, gorges and mountain passes are then tossed into this scenic salad for extra garnish. Tourist development, logging and population growth may have taken their toll on the forest and fynbos, but the Garden Route remains a breathtakingly beautiful natural playground. Correct — yet it is very popular. Despite, or perhaps because of the fact that the Garden Route has little of what many feel is the “real” Africa about it, the area appeals to plenty of European visitors to South Africa.

In the northern hemisphere’s midwinter, it has the added bonus of a sunny, warm climate.

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The scenery along this route is spectacular. Each bend brings more beauty to the table. In winter, there is plenty of snow covering the mountains and landscape. Treat yourself to a visit to the largest cherry farm in Africa. Taste the famous Ionia Cherry Liqueur that has become a landmark.

The Mantis Collection is a group of private Game Lodge and Hotels in South Africa and other countries including the United Kingdom. The Mantis Collection comprises amongst other hotels the following unique hotels and game lodges in South Africa.

Hiking Walking Trails Picnics Hiking and walking trails and picnics Short and medium hiking trails are available in the Village of Haenertsburg and Magoebaskloof. Some of the establishments also have short hiking trails on their properties please enquire when you make your reservation. The Louis Changuion Trail — download map In the Village the Louis Changuion trail meanders though the Haenertsburg grasslands and is very popular with birders and walkers.

A map of the trail is available at most of the businesses in the Village. All proceeds are used to clear the hiking trail, remove alien plants and improve the awareness of the grassland. The trail is 10km long, and usually takes about four hours to complete.

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The Shamwari Game Reserve is about conserving a vanishing way of life. Steeped in Pioneer history, and dating back to the time when a multitude of game roamed wild and free, the Shamwari Game Reserve boasts five eco-systems, thus enabling the support of many forms of plant, animal and bird life. Luxury accommodation at the Shamwari Game Lodge is offered in 6 different lodges on the malaria free game reserve: Long Lee Manor features a health and beauty spa for its guests.

Born of the storied London auction house in , Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty continues a century-old tradition of exceptional service and valuation of the finest, most beautiful and unique properties in the world.

Ocean Safaris Company Background Owner Marlon Baartman has worked extensively for many years with Ocean Safaris and he was given the opportunity to acquire the establishment in As a family run business, Ocean Safaris ensures that we continue the original vision of providing great ocean safari experiences for all our passengers. We ensure not only the safety and well-being of the ocean creatures that we encounter but also of our passengers.

All of our skippers are officially trained and accredited by the South African Maritime Safety Association. Our main offices are located within the Garden Route, but we service clients from all over the world. About Ocean Safaris Ocean Safaris offers an assortment of ocean safaris that includes whale and dolphin watching and marine tours. These tours make for excellent team-building experiences, or are suited for small family groups.


See more from CPT: Knysna resident Candy Logan told HuffPost SA distribution points in the town are closed Monday as people regroup and strategise about the way forward. It’s back to work as usual,” she said. They have got additional places to stay. Allegations of arson ‘fake news’ The South African Police Service’s Saps Southern Cape Office on Saturday rubbished claims circulating on social media that fires were a result of arson.

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Perron Illovo Perron is the go-to spot for fun-seekers in Illovo with its vibey atmosphere, margarita jugs and superb tacos, quesadillas, tostadas and tamales. Their homemade pastas and calamari fritti are sensational, but remember: Pair a creamy herbed mushroom galette with one of their delicious ciders.

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Activities Ithala Game Reserve is situated near Louwsberg in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, rolling down from the Ngotshe Mountains into a deep river valley characterised by incredibly ancient rock formations. Ithala Game Reserve is an easy 5 hour drive from Johannesburg and a 4 hour drive from Durban. The roads to Ithala are tarred all the way. Ithala boasts a wide and diverse range of habitats and landscapes, characterized by deep filled valleys and gorges, clear streams cascading over bellowing waterfalls into deep pools, and expansive grasslands.

Frost Brothers Vintage and Classic Cars 5 Uil St, Industrial Area, Knysna Western Cape, South Africa. Tel: +27 () Fax to email: +27 (0)86

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The area around Ithala in KwaZulu-Natal has been occupied by man for thousands of years and there are many sites littered with stone age spear and axe heads dating back some 20 years.

According to the legend, many perpetrators were imprisoned under awful conditions in this pit. Interestingly, Danielskuil boasts the first documented case of cigarette smoking in South Africa. In June , the Korana and San leaders were rather shocked when traveller George Thomas had the audacity to pass on the traditional peace pipe in favour of tobacco wrapped in paper!

The wonderful discovery of diamonds in Kimberley led to colonization of Griqualand by the English authorities in Cape Town. Subsequently, the Griqua people became scattered. For over 80 years after that, Danielskuil mainly provided support for the farming community. Since Idwala Limes has been mining the lime deposits dating back million years. Over 5 million tons of stone is mined annually! Danielskuil boasts many different historical sites.

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Ithala Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is situated in the rugged, mountainous northern region which is home to a spectacular array of wildlife species. Camps, self-catering chalets, private lodge Activities: Walking trails, day and night game drives, swimming Highlights:

Celebrating its 60th anniversary Diamond Jubilee, the Miss SA pageant welcomed Tamaryn Green into the fold as the newly crowned Miss SA She also received the additional title of Miss.

The park is home to Africa’s second largest canyon as well as a rich diversity of wildlife and plants. Lush subtropical foliage, waterfalls, glistening rivers, and lichen-covered rock formations create a striking canvas of color and texture. Game viewing can be particularly rewarding with all the common species of South African primates and many hippos and crocodiles. The best way to explore this spectacular park is via the scenic driving routes or by hiking the extensive trails.

Panoramic viewpoints include Three Rondavels and the aptly named God’s Window. Boat trips and whitewater rafting are also available on the rivers. Climb into a thick iron cage, plunge into the ocean, and come face-to-face with a great white shark. Believe it or not, this is one of South Africa’s top attractions – for thrill seekers. The sport has become so popular that new tour operators keep sprouting up every year. The best time to try the dive is April through October, but great whites swim these waters throughout the year thanks to healthy populations of seals and fish.

Since divers are enclosed in the custom-designed cages, no diving certification is required. For a little less excitement, it’s also possible to watch the action from the boat. Nelson Mandela spent 18 years imprisoned in a tiny cell here along with other political dissidents and social misfits. Perhaps the best part about this experience is that ex-prisoners are usually the guides, sharing poignant first-hand accounts of the atrocities they endured.

Knysna fires: It’s not yet over