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Three hand saws inc. Three Disston hand saws inc. Two Keen Kutter saws: Needs a light cleaning, good etch. Three steel plumb bobs inc. Pair plumb bobs inc. Atkins plated steel plumb bob in tin box Picture

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Off-line – 17 Feb , That it is worth an email to Hans Brunner to get an opinion from him. I only have one limited source of information, which is an Astragal Press reprint of the Spear and Jackson catalogue.

Online Reference of Disston Saws — The Medallions Find this Pin and more on Woodworking Tools by Nic Aston. identifying and dating disston saws Patent date for Glover’s design of saw nuts, which are stronger than those manufactured in the and early.

GGs, Here are some tools offered at prices that reflect the need that most of these tools have for some time spent cleaning, and restoring them. They are “as found,” but are basically sound tools, needing only some elbow grease to make them presentable. With only a couple of exceptions they are complete, and described to let you know what is needed to be done with them, and a forecast of their appearance when the cleaning is complete.

A couple of them need some parts, but will be well worth the hunt for those parts when they are found. The tools are sold on Standard Old Tools terms price plus postage–returns if not described accurately. For buyers of more than one item, I can offer a ten percent discount. The deal is first come, first served; so a quick trigger finger works well.

Orders are placed with me by email sushandel msn. It saves time as I like to ship with lightening speed. For more good tools take some time to look at my regular forsale list at http: With a little scraping a sharp chisel works best, by the way , some detergent spray and some steel wool this plane will clean up to what has been described elsewhere as “minty. The nickel on the lever cap has just a few minute specks that will rub off. FMM2 – Union No.

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Look for chisels with wooden handles or with specialty, curved blades. Buying Antique Tools Ideally, you’ll be able to find hand tools in person. The quality of a tool, and its usability is difficult to determine remotely. However, there are several reputble antique dealers where you may find just the thing you were looking for:

Vintage Disston Hand Saw Offered by Old Saws Restored. Pre-Owned. $ Time left 2d 11h left. 7 bids +$ shipping. Free Returns. Disston D8 Saw. Disston Saw. Disston Hand Saw D8. Disston Mitre Saw. Feedback. Leave feedback about your eBay search experience – opens in new window or tab.

Keystone Saw Works David wrote: Or am I missing something? I am hoping Erv or Pete will weigh in on this issue but in the meantime I’ll take a crack at it. Disston used the ‘Keystone’ moniker on some of their second quality lines of saws, such as the Keystone ‘K’ line produced around the time of the H. These saws usually had ‘Warranted Superior’ saw medallions. Some second line Disston saws had a keystone outline in the medallion without the scales in the center.

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Visit the The Wrenching News Homepage for a list of other wrench auction catalogs and information on future wrench auctions and other events, information on collecting antique wrenches, and a discussion board. Visit the The Wrenching News Store for a large selection of wrenches and related items for sale. Both starting collectors and advanced will find something they need there. Visit The Wrenching News Book Store For books on collecting wrenches and other tools plus all our past wrench auction catalogs and price lists.

Contact us if you want to dispose of your old wrenches one or a collection. We have either managed or assisted with the sale of most of the major wrench collection that have been sold in the last several years.

The dating is approximate, but is believed to be in the middle of the Henry Disston and Sons split nut period. In this medallion, we see the disappearance of all but one of the “dots”. In addition, the border of the keystone is bold and solid, unlike any other in this period.

Terminology[ edit ] “Kerf” redirects here. For other meanings, see Kerf disambiguation. Diagram showing the teeth of a saw blade when looking front-on. The teeth protrude to the left and right, so that the saw cut kerf is wider than the blade width. The term set describes how much the teeth protrude. The kerf may be sometimes be wider than the set, depending on wobble and other factors.

A saw that cuts with an abrasive disc or band, rather than a toothed blade. The angle of the faces of the teeth relative to a line perpendicular to the face of the saw. The valley between the points of the teeth. The end closest to the handle. The narrow channel left behind by the saw or laser, and relatedly the measure of its width, which depends on several factors:

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Ok, what can I say. This past year has seen a good deal of change in my life with a move to south Jersey from living just outside NYC. The shop and business survived the move but my free time for the blog has been misplaced.

With a rich history spanning over years, Disston Tools is a global manufacturer of hole saws, bandsaw blades, jig saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, drill bits, and other hand and power tool related accessories for the DIY, contractor and industrial markets.

I recently won an auction from a local online auction place for a tub of old tools. I had no description of what was in it but from the picture I could tell there were some older and neat looking hand tools. Anyway I got the whole tub ill post pics of everything later for These two hand saws. The 2nd saw at bottom of picture is marked Henry C Weber on the blade along with some more wording that I just cant make out without doing some light sanding… I just recently got into restoring old hand planes and I learned a few things but I know nothing about saws.

My question is should I restore these things and use them? I looked them up on ebay and different places and I just cant tell if either of these are worth anything. I was hoping someone on here could provide me with some advice on what I should do with these… I have no problem bringing them back to life and time and effort is not an issue. The Weber saw has a WW marked on the handle. Anyone know if the saw would come like that or if it was added later?

I am itching to restore these things… — Dan – “Collector of Hand Planes” 17 replies so far.

Antique hand saws.. H Disston & Sons.. Worth Restoring?

The following pages represent a piece of my collection. I try to update these pages from time to time, adding some of the more interesting ads as I find them. I think there is a lot to learn these ads, besides being fun to look at.

disston saws identifying and dating handsaws. Henry Disston started selling his own saws in , operating out of a rented basement in Philadelphia.

Old Woodworking Tools and Machines Everything you wanted to know about old woodworking tools and machines! This web site is devoted to providing information and resources to those interested in woodworking, old woodworking tools and vintage woodworking machinery. My first wood shop was put together by going to garage sales with my dad and bringing home old woodworking machines.

We’d locate the owners manuals, tear them apart, clean and rebuild them. Before long they were making sawdust in our wood shop. Then we started collecting old woodworking tools including hand tools, planes, chisels, tool chests and other antique woodworking hand tools.

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